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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have Questions. 

We get this a lot. Here are some frequently asked questions that we can answer. 

1       How can I book?

All bouncers can be booked by a simple deposit of ONLY $150. You can book by using our Book Now Section, requesting a quote, or calling us for more information. 

2.      Do we need socks to bounce?

We recommend to bounce with socks in our bouncers. Bouncing with socks helps keep the bouncer clean. 

3.      Do you book all year long? 

Our bouncers book fast. We take bookings all year long. Booking your bouncer 4 weeks in advance and securing your date is the best bet. 

4.      Is a generator needed for the bounce house?

A generator is not needed to use our bouncer. If you have a power source within a 100 feet of the bounce we can use the power outlet. If a generator is needed we charge $100 for our generator to use. 

5.      Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have insurance to cover you and any liability. Our insurance is verified with most vendors, parks and venues. 


Our ball pit is a 14 x 14 size and rents for 4 hours. Additional hours can be purchased. 


Yes, we do. Please contact the park you are renting at to make sure we are on their approved vendor list. 

Miami White Bounce House

At Miami Wedding Bounce House you’ll receive a top-quality and unique rental experience. No matter what you come to our shop for, one of our team members will be here to help and guide you. We will price match with any company that gives you a bouncer like ours. With our great customer service and low prices, it’s no wonder we have become the top White Bounce House Rental Company in Miami. 

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